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Studio maximized

We maximized every square inch of this studio and added multi use spaces.

Studio maximized

Design Elements

The inspiration I used for this space was CMYK combined with natural and glam details.


This 1970s studio condo was all original. Dark musky and wasted space with closed in low hanging dead space.


We reworked every nook and cranny in this 300 sq feet. Maybe even adding 30 sq feet to usable space. We created a working & entertaining space as part of the custom kitchen bar that doubles as storage. Custom cabinetry was created for the uppers utilizing the previous empty header space. We took out the storage that blocked the flow of the middle of the room but added back a full closet with mirrors along the bedroom wall. In the bathroom we opened up the previous segmented areas to make it one big space providing a place to get ready but also closed in storage in the bathroom. All surfaces were upgraded to a fresh new white and contemporary tile and counters.