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Split level remodeled

We updated and reworked every detail and put to work under utilized space to get this small space to work for two.

Split level remodeled

Design Elements

The inspiration I used for this was Seattles maritime influence with nautical stripes and color palettes.


This studio was a rare find. A studio condo with a private first floor yard and a tree?! Come on.. Sold! However, the inside needed a lot of love. It had not been well maintained over the years and needed some extra care. There isn't a piece of this real estate we didn't touch.


We reworked the closet opening to be larger so that we could access the entire height for maximizing storage. We defined space with a Elfa storage system from The Container Store and also added washer dryer connections for a all in one unit. In the kitchen, we optimized the storage by widening the lowers with a more efficient fridge and lengthening the height utilizing the previous dead space. In the yard, we defined a walking space and added a functional living area with the low level deck. All finishes were updated and replaced with contemporary finishes that would allow the eclectic decor to stand out. The custom painted lived as the center focal point to tie in the colors of the space.