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When you can't fly to the tropics bring it to you.

I regularly am inspired by nature especially the tropics. It reminds me of a few special very lucky times I had the opportunity to be in a place of no worries, sunshine, and an ocean breeze. You will catch me sporting a flamingo carry all in winter or sporting any beautiful colorful botanical on the regular. I like to do the same when I can in my spaces. Since this house is technically a second home and in a town with a river surrounding by beautiful botanical foliage why not reflect it in the space.

When I redesigned this kitchen I knew there was going to be open shelving but I wanted to close them in on both sides so we could display this lovely botanical wall paper perfectly framed but the clean white lines of the shelves.

Wallpaper by WildHabitatShop on Etsy

Super excited to share the full kitchen remodel reveal soon!

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