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One room two ways

Optimizing your furniture to be used in more than one way will breath new life or function into your room without having to do entire overhauls. This particular room in this home is the largest bedroom of 2. The other smaller room is home to a queen size bed.


Guest version

The first layout is providing maximum space for independent sleepers as well as a second desk area for more flexible work from home space.

When choosing the furniture and fixtures for this space it was important that we made it as flexible as possible so the owners could offer various sleeping situations and function.

Master version

We went with some simple headboard-less black metal twins frames that would be attached and made into a king and become a master suite. Many of the permanent wall fixtures like the yellow wall mount lighting can provide dual function for individuals dedicated light in either layout and the light weight tables are inter changeable throughout the two bedrooms and living space.

The master version is set up for a longer stay for a couple to feel more like a calm and clean get-a-way.

With thoughtful furniture & styling planning we are able to create two very different rooms in this space as well as other spaces in the house mixing and matching furniture and accessories.

This is a major benefit to designing a home, cohesive visioning. Thinking through the scenarios in which you want to use the space or home and thoughtfully acquire furniture that will really work for you bringing unlimited function to even the smallest of spaces.

We are telling as singular story through the materials and color palette throughout the home so we can flex from room to room without furniture not being utilized, having to be stored, or being the odd man out.

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