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Exterior updates

Updated: Jan 3, 2021

The first thing we did with this single family overhaul was update the exterior. The inside was livable and clean and had recently undergone a questionable flip. We knew we could add value inside and out shifting the windows, doors, light fixtures, and hardware to a modern updated feel.


For this house we replaced, renewed, and elevated its curb appeal while improving the functionality and flow of the frame, foundation, and interior choosing quality materials and having professionals do what they do best.


When the house was purchased it had just undergone a light refresher to the paint with a few generic upgrades. The previous owner attempted a first time flip. Not bad right?! Upon inspection carpenter ants and termites were discovered where the previous owners thought just painting over them would be fine. Just to be clear, its is not. Since this house was pier and beam and the property slopes toward the back, the ground was staying moist attracting the termites. In addition, the roof one good wind storm away from being blown off, the windows were a hodgepodge of ages, the gutters were non existing in the back of the house, the new lawn grade was above the foundation filters, and the house and floor were very much not level.

What we did

  • Leveled the house as much as we could and reinforced it with sonotubes to sturdy the foundation tubes.

  • Replaced the roof and added getters and drain pipes.

  • To help keep the house dry underneath to help it from settling we added french drains around the house, gravel around the front as well as shrubs to soak up any additional water around it.

  • Replaced all the windows with windows that worked better for the curb appeal but also for the interior's floor plan to be more functional. Mirroring the front two windows to create balance on the exterior and more light on the interior for one of the two bedrooms.

  • Replaced doors with modern and matching styles.

  • Updated the door hardware, numbers and light fixtures to a contemporary aesthetic.

  • Added flower boxes to the front windows.

  • Extended the deck to the length of the house and pulled it out to cover the old sidewalk.

  • Covered the old entry sidewalk with pavers

  • Framed everything in with a new fence to secure the household pets

  • Replaced all the siding with hardy board

  • Painted the exterior

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