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Custom Built vs Out of the box

The spaces I've worked in are typically not typical. While having lots of square feet is luxurious and makes it much easier to find furniture that works, it's likely you will need to save a good chunk of money or take your lifestyle far from central convenient locations or places you might love. I don't turn down a challenge when it comes to small spaces. Especially if it means being in a great location and having both the lifestyle and dream home I can afford. It just involves getting a little creative.

I like to have elements in my spaces that are unique and unlike what everyone else is putting in their homes so when a space is small it gives me an excuse to mold the furniture I want.

I thought with this home I might actually get to buy a giant sofa a be done with it. I was so excited about that potential it was the first thing I bought. Don't do this! There is a lot of reasons why this was not smart in our case especially without a larger vision in place at-least first. I can dive into this more later.

This was my first run at the living room on my current project. I chose a modular corner sectional to maximize the seating in the small home but later when I noticed how we were using the space a single cuddly space would do with a few light weight interchangeable pieces would be more flexible. I really wanted to create this dipped effect like the whole corner was dipped in paint.

After feeling like I had compromised my original idea of a built in with the easy choice of just buying something I ended up returning the sofa and going back to the drawing board. I rolled up my sleeves and detailed out the built in that would anchor this mixed use room shared with the kitchen.


The light weight elevation drawing I used to get bids on building the space.


The digital renders of the vision in context.

The furniture I chose to compliment the build in fit the space so that they could be interchangeable in layout and be positioned differently in the room as needed.


My long time carpenter partner, Jason Ewing came to work on this project and worked together with me to make it come to life exactly how I imagined and defined it!

Stay tuned for the full reveal on this sweet single family remodel!

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