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Bringing dead space back to life

This project, while it is a 3BDRM 3BATH with extra tall ceilings the square footage is only 1288 sq ft. In order to maximize space we need to define it.

This custom seating, storage, and entertainment built in included collaboration with local upholstery & fabric shop, Spruce as well as my metal fabricators and carpentry friends. It was created in phases.

Without a custom solution, someone may have imagined a console table for entry, maybe some bookshelves. However, it felt like if we went with a ready made piece of furniture we would lose so much opportunity for how the space could be utilized.

Final Results, Designs, and Project Progress

The Love Lee Street design created loads of extra storage (display and hidden) and works with the space like its part of the original build of the house. To connect with some of the furnishing in the kitchen and entryway we chose this grayscale plaid to match the built in sofa on the other side of the room and custom steel frame to connect with the industrial and gray light fixtures. We wanted this space to unify the 3 distinct areas while standing on its own and anchoring downstairs.


Connecting spaces

The open space serves as a kitchen, reading nook, entryway, entertainment center, guest bed storage, living room extra seating, and dine in entertaining. On the other side of the room we knew we would have the main focal point for the downstairs, the custom neon art by south first street artist, Todd Sanders of Road House Relics. The idea was to balance that show stopper artwork with this floor to ceiling scale built in cabinetry-bookshelf-storage-bench. In addition, the wall of the steel frame creates a privacy and glare barrier for better TV viewing.

Black was chosen as a wall color to pull the color palette through from the statement Louis XV inspired upstairs master bedroom queen frame rococo design from Anthropologie upstairs. The choice also disguises the TV when turned off allowing it to fade into the background. The contrasting warm asymmetrical natural finish floating shelves styled with vintage Roundtop finds, vintage Lonestar beer advertising piece dive forward playing. In both upstairs and downstairs the two do their part to anchor each floors design.

After taking measurements we divided up the space to 3 cubbies with evenly spaced flush modern white doors.

Cushions were designed to cuddle into with a book and the shelve height and TV height to be visible across the room while out of the headspace for anyone sitting on the bench.

We finished off the edges with real steel and left the welding marks and sketches for added industrial texture and character.

The warmth of the natural wood floating shelves push forward as the cooler black background sink into space.

The design journey

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