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Love Lee Street is a Texas based design studio with

no limits on how and where we utilize design thinking

& unique style to bring love and warmth to the world.

We offer services that range from consulting, providing a second opinion to those diy'ers out there

to full-service-start-from-scratch-and-execute-the-fine-details kinda work. We want to help create and

improve products, homes, businesses, blocks, streets, communities and towns through our

design influence, leadership and partnership with the goal to make experiences lovely. 



            ary Lee, a designer

and artist first recognized by Apartment Therapy and their many followers for creativity in maximizing tiny spaces in the physical world with her spare time while also gaining experience in practicality and strategy defining brands, products, businesses and user experience via design for leading companies and iconic design agencies Google, IBM, Frog and many others.

This designer believes design is a way of thinking to solve problems and there are many artistic and creative mediums to approach the solutions wether its solving the needs of a software application, home, clothing or lifestyle.

Over the years Mary has analyzed the parallels of roles and responsibilities in building, tech and other industries from the design perspective and seeks to utilize her universal understanding in a bigger way.


She has found that as a designer, a 

large role she plays is to find the sweet

spot between business/owners needs, technical feasibility, and user/customer needs to produce something by working collaboratively with each perspective. True in both industries and really any business. 

With a foundation in Communication Design and BFA from Texas State University she gained 12 years experience and counting while working collaboratively to create and iterate with teams across the world.


While at Google, Mary juggled a continued education family consumer science at Seattle Pacific University to study Interior Design and building construction indulging in the cross roads of design, sharpening her understanding of its influence, and add it to her tool of mediums she uses to solve problems.

Mary comes from a family of creative entreprenuers with a mother who established a successful real estate business and a father with a passion for leading building and construction. Mary has proudly self funded all her passion ventures through her success in her career as a designer in tech with the advice from her mother to "buy real estate as soon as you have any money". Over time she has utilized those opportunities to show case her unique style and diverse abilities to practice design in a broader fashion.

Mary's lifestyle and passion in music, art, fashion, textiles, and vintage comes through in her curation of her life and helps create that one of a kind feel to whatever she does.

Raised in small town Texas sunshine but drawn to big city luxury, Mary’s eclectic style represents her journey from country girl to city slicker.


Aesthetically, her unique balance is founded in practicality and shines with bold combinations that define personality & style.


Lee Street is where every detail is pondered with the support of talented friends, creative family, her four legged muse, Ruby & her loving husband, Jacob.


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