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Designer and DIY mastermind Mary Lee first charmed us when she shared the itsy bitsy studio she called home in Austin. Bursting with clever storage ideas and tons of style, it’s no surprise it’s one of our most popular house tours ever!

- Adrienne Breaux, House Tour Editor





Mary's specialty is being scrappy. When out of the box solutions just wont cut it, when there are space constraints or big box brands aren't trending on your beloved aesthetic Mary can bring to life that perfect piece that makes you and your space one of a kind. 

There is a lot to tackle in interior spaces wether you are creating one from scratch, updating an existing, or discovering a new place you didn't know you had through creative use of space Love Lee Street can help with design thinking and collaboration.

A well organized and maintained property can boost the value of your property or business and bring function and utility to spaces previously written off as unusable. Get to maximizing your property and let us get you started with staging rental properties and STR income.


I don't believe in being "too much" when it comes to patterns and color. On style my philosophy is if we are true to our authentic self we will love whatever we put together. I help people create unique sophisticated solutions to support their needs and truly expressing themselves through their style and the function of their lifestyle or business.

Stunning is the word I'm shooting for with any of my projects. My work ranges in a spectrum of fun loving, bohemian, glam, chic, modern, to practical comfort without sacrificing function, usability and space.


Share your details below to schedule an initial design consultation to review your needs and discuss the details of your latest design or styling challenge. Bringing together a functional and lovable home for you and those you share it with is the goal and the initial free design consultation will help us to discover your dreams and needs and introduce you to the process.

Thank you! We will follow up with you soon!



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